Jim Harrison’s
         an excerpt from Harrison’s first (1982) Smoke Signals food column
                                    EAT YOUR HEART OUT

Don’t you find it strange that the true symbol for God, the Buddhist circle is also the exact shape of a dinner plate? Has this never occurred to you? This all knowing father-mother has made us machines of devouring and has given us heads to figure out what we are going to eat next.

Let’s not be ignorant in terms of mythography, that the sacrament of the Eucharist makes us all vampires. Yes, vampires by proxy. Mike, you should remember that within the unyielding anguish of the writer, it’s always night and you’re always flying solo, and then usually over the Matto Grasso.

Yes, Golden, I went without protein for four days. . .without any form of protein, eating rice & fruit like a Jain. Golden, even that name. Do you realize that if you could get $350 an ounce for your body you would be worth what Barry Manilow makes in one night at a concert. Anyway, I went without any protein for four days, I fell into a depressing trance, I could barely move, my head ached, I was depressed, of course, this the average third world experience. I dreamt of ham, western ham, northern ham, southern ham, eastern ham. Red eye gravy, the sweet vinegar clove gravy, mashed potatoes, more ham, slabs of ham, juicy ham, dry ham, ham sandwiches, ham croquettes, ham on rye, hamburgers - anything. I wanted it, I wanted it with a desperation akin only to sexual desire. I wanted it like a 15 year old farmboy in 1952 wanted Ava Gardner. All those big words such as God and world are too much for me to handle at this late date. Do you not on your logo express the strange wisdom of the ages, both the Orient and Occident, not to speak of the other regions by saying - “Zen bones, Zen bones, Zen hambones.”